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Inkjet printing is a non-contact printing technology that applies minute ink droplets directly onto objects.
This method allows for the printing of various media.

Union Chemicar inkjet ink has gained a high reputation for its quality.

Edible inkjet inks

Edible inkjet ink

Edible Inkjet Ink is a food additive ink that is printed directly on food or pharmaceutical tablet surface by inkjet printing.

The raw materials used are ones that satisfy the food additive standards and safety qualifications.

Food printings can be used as a strong marketing tool such as
  > Printing company logo on foods
  > Novelty, collaboration foods/goods, collaboration cafe, gifts
  > Limited edition products/sweets, etc.

We have also established our own “edible ink laboratory” in Osaka, Japan for printing test on various food materials.
If you need any demonstration or explanation, we always welcome you to visit our laboratory.

●Types of edible inkjet inks
edible inkjet ink icon for foods for food icon for pharmaceutical for pharmaceutical icon for cosmetic for cosmetic
synthetic colorants Y/M/C/K/LM/LC, customised color Customised color Y/M/C/K/LM/LC, customised color
natural colorants Y/M/C/K/LM/LC, customised color
branding iron style ink, UV light emitting ink, etc.
Customised color Y/M/C/K/LM/LC, customised color
ingredients Use of food additives and food materials under the Food Sanitation Act Manufactured in correspondence with various regulations and laws required in the medical sector Manufactured by checking various specifications required by ink for cosmetics
printer head Support for Piezo- and thermal heads
printing object Cookies, macarons, nutritional supplements, latte foam, icing sheets, etc. Uncoated tablets, film coated tablets, capsule, etc. Blusher, face powder, foundation, paper soap, etc.
primary use Souvenirs, novelties, gifts, latte art, etc. Indication of ingredients, prevention of accidental ingestion, branding indication, etc. Brand marking, makeup set, limited edition products, etc.
Others To prevent smudging, we offer coating for printing on liquid surfaces such as drinks.

printing on Cookies
latte art
printing on wooden forks

Industrial inkjet inks

Industrial inkjet inks

Our high-quality ink has advantage of both good color producing properties and stable quality.

If you are looking for high quality inkjet inks or any requests for various types of inks such as those listed below, please feel free to contact us.

●Industrial inkjet inks
Inks for consumer printers Compatible with various printer manufacturers
Inks for SOHO printers Compatible with various printer manufacturers
Pigment inks for textiles T-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, bags, etc.
Direct print inks Glass, aluminum, wood, etc.

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Edible inkjet inks
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